Welcome on KitGrafik Affiliation program ! We would be happy to have you as one of our affiliates. You will earn 25% on each template sold ! You will find custom-made tools to start your affiliation. You can have them working on your website within minutes. Customization is very easy ! It includes : Templates shop without our brand, XML feed with all the templates, Banners, "Best template of the day" etc...

How it works

Our affiliation program is 100% based on the Affilinet technology.
Affilinet will manage the statistics and will be sending you the money.
When you send us a visitor with an affiliate link, we will keep this information for 30 days (with a cookie). You then get 25% on all his buyings for 30 days !
We have to let you know that a recent poll on tells that 30% of the webmaster's community have already used a template at least once to build websites !


1 - If you don't already have one, open an account by Affilinet.
2 - Once you have your account, registrate to our program with this link : (You have to log on to your affilinet account befor you click on the link).

We have a weekly review to accept the new affiliates. However, you can start putting our tools on your website (Brand-free shop, Banners, Top template, XML Feed, ...) to be ready to earn money as soon as possible. To get the tools, just fill out this form (it is just to pre-customize the tools for you) :

3 - Affilinet Account number :

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