Quotation Service

KitGrafik is happy to let you ask our freelance webdesigners for a quotation. Please give them the most detailed information in order to get accurate quotations

Interested webdesigners (if any) will give ou their answer very quickly (usually within a few working days).If your job doesn't seem interesting or is uncomplete, you won't get any answers.

Just to let you know, usual fees for one of our french webdesigners is between 350 and 700 € a day.

Here is the form you can fill out

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Describe your needs Logo
Full internet website
Commercial material (banners, skyscrapers, ...)
Multi-languages You need to have the job done in at least two different languages
Existing elements If the job is based on existing elements, please specify them here :
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If it is a new version of an existing website, please give us the url :
Time limits If you have a deadline, please tell us roughly when the job should be ready :
Budget For a professional work, yo need at least 3 or 3 days of work (ie 1000 Euros minimum)
Description Tell us who you are and in what consists the job you wantus to do :

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