"Template", what does that mean ?

Your Website = Design + Content

The CONTENT : if you want to built a website, it surely is because you have some content to display on the Internet.
The DESIGN : it is the way you display your content. There are millions of way of doing it.
Defining the general look of your website is one of the hardest part of the work. You want it nice-looking, with a friendly users interface, etc. How wrong it would be to have interesting things to tell without the people reading it because it just looks ugly...
However you might not be a professionnal webdesigner, and you don't need a dedicated piece of art either ! What you need is a TEMPLATE !

A Template is a "ready-to-use" nice-looking webdesign

A template gives you all you need to start building your website immediately and very quaickly.
A template includes all the files you need to define the general look of your pages. You only have to focus on your content.

A Template = a time and pain reduction !

Never underestimate the time you need to make your website look perfect ! Thousands of details. Painful work... With a Template, you get all your Headlines styles, a compliant CSS strylesheet, CSS Menus, images and icons which will make your website look great ! And you even get a few html pages to get you started more quickly.

The Kitgrafik Team