About us

Kitgrafik.com is the french #1 professional discounted templates reseller

We aim to work only with skilled and experienced webdesigners. We sell hundreds of french professional nice-looking templates - our speciality -, millions of photos, american templates (partnership with templatemonster), finest tutorials and a quotation service for dedicated jobs.

Do you want to make a nice website ? Easily and efficently ?

A template is a ready-to-use nice-looking webdesign, on which you can rely to built your website vers quickly.
A template is made of all the files you will need to define the look of your website.

A template = the best way to start a website

How difficult it is to make your website look nice ! Thousands of details to arrange. This boring part of the job is still often underestimated.
Buying a template gives you immadiately a solid basis for a fresh start : headlines styles, CSS menus, images, general aspect of the pages, etc.
(our templates include very often a valid CSS stylesheet, icons and images, a few ready-to-use html example pages, and sometimes nice widgets / add-ons tp help you in your work) Let's go ! Start working on your website today !

The Kitgrafik Team